Unlike other dating apps, you can also see who likes your profile with the free version

Also, like 3Fun, Feeld lets you message Heterosexual dating dating online people for free. Messaging is typically hidden behind a paywall on other apps. You can also look at the EULA before making an account. So, you don’t waste your time just to find out you don’t agree with the terms and conditions.

Not everything is positive, though. Feeld’s messaging system is slow and clunky, and it restricts a lot of images that you might want to share. Feeld is a dating site for threesomes and swingers, but riskier photos and minor photo details can get a picture removed or flagged.

Most of the other unique features, such as Feeld’s own version of flirting and being able to see who likes your profile, are locked behind a paywall. That makes mingling for free a bit more of a headache compared to 3Fun.

Swingers shouldn’t have any problems finding a compatible couple to swap with

3Fun is similar to Feeld, but it does several things better. First, its messaging system is fluid, easy to use, and fully integrated into the free version of the app. Not having to pay for messaging means you can set up meetings and swing parties without paying a dime.

A private photo album also allows you to maintain some discretion that other apps don’t give you. It allows you to keep any revealing photos or anything with your identity in it away from public eyes. However, the people you choose can still view those photos and enjoy them. This prevents your neighbors from seeing anything they shouldn’t and it allows you to be a bit more comfortable on the platform. This is a major bonus for the 3Fun app.

There’s also a “Passed” feature that lets you go back and view profiles that you deemed unsuitable in your previous browsing sessions. This is good when you might have accidentally put someone in your “Pass” list but actually want to get to know them. It’ll also let you give people a second chance if you decide to give them a try after all.

One negative trait of 3Fun is that it’s a lot easier to find a male to join you and your spouse than it is to find a female. If you’re into male/male/female encounters, that’s a good thing. You’ll find someone very quickly, probably during the free trial, to hook up with. However, it’s a bit more difficult if you’re into male/female/female encounters. Couples are pretty easy to find, though.


The pricing between these two apps shows that you get what you pay for. Feeld is definitely the cheaper of the two, and it costs just under $12 a month, with a special discount if you buy 3 months of membership at once. However, Feeld doesn’t grow as fast as 3Fun, and its photo restrictions, lower quality interface and messaging, and loads of fake profiles mean that you’ll have to work a bit harder to find matches that actually follow through when you try to meet up.

3Fun is the more expensive option. Its premium membership costs $29.9 per month and the quality behind that price tag shows. While it’s harder to find single women for male/female/female encounters, everything is intuitive and easy to use, and the platform is growing at such a fast rate that the lack of single women who are willing to commit might actually resolve itself soon.

Both apps of free trials that allow you to message and connect with other members. However, you’ll want to eventually pay for the premium option to fully enjoy either app.

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