broker review brokers often allow you to trade faster and on tighter spreads than others. You’re anonymous and your orders go straight to market, which can bring peace of mind if you’re worried your broker might trade against you. Test drive platforms and strategies before trading real money.

ECN brokers provide their traders with direct access to other market members using interbank trading prices. Such a network enables sellers and buyers to find a counterparty of their trading positions. Market Makers are also known as dealing desk brokers, as all trades will be filled at the rates set by the broker’s internal dealing desk. This business model, which means a market maker will always profit from their clients’ losses, generates an inherent conflict of interest which many traders are cautious of. Traders may prefer to trade with ECN brokers because there is no conflict of interest between trader and broker. Most market maker brokers will trade against their clients in their role as the counter-party, which means the broker makes money when their clients lose.

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It can be customized to fit your company’s business requirements. All research has been conducted by our in-house team of researchers and writers, gathering information from various company representatives, websites and by sifting through the fine print. With over 150 data points on each broker and over 3000 hours of research and review writing, we believe we have succeeded in our goal. Regardless of how much research you have done, or how confident you are in your trade, there is always a substantial risk of loss. Please read the scheme information and other related documents carefully before investing.


It accepts no liability for any damages or losses, however caused, in connection with the use of, or on the reliance of its product or related services. Electronic Communications Network charges are typically less than one cent for each transaction. ECN charges a service fee to combine buyers and sellers trading on exchanges and networks. The first type of electronic communication network was created in 1969 and was called ‘Instinet’. Consequently, several other ECNs have been developed, such as SelectNet and NYSE Area. ECNs generate revenue by charging a fee on every transaction so one can meet their financial obligations.

As XTrade Forex Broker Review spreads tend to be highly narrower than the ones utilized by everyday brokers, ECN brokers are known to charge the clients some fixed commission on a per transaction Basis. In summary, ECN is a computerized portal that matches contra-side orders between traders on a particular exchange or market. They make trading efficient by improving inherent speed and flexibility. The only potential drawback of using an ECN is that if you make many transactions every day, you incur large transaction fees and commissions. ECN’s offer tight spreads and charge a commission per trade, and the spreads will also be variable. Fixed spreads are only offered by Market Makers, as they are not taken from a live and dynamic market.

It means that Forex traders get more beneficial prices and more economical trading conditions. Every time a client places a trade with an ECN broker it collects prices from the members of this network and presents the trader with the tightest spread it could find to fulfill the volume requirement. Because the liquidity providers in this network are competing for your trade, ECN brokers have very tight spreads which can approach 0 pips.

Hence, by using an electronic communication network, traders make trades outside the traditional trading hours. ECN provides a mechanism for those who cannot be actively involved during normal market hours. Additionally, they are also well loved by those who prefer flexibility in their trading time horizons. ECN also prevents wider spreads from occurring which is a common occurrence with traditional brokers, with overall lower fees and commissions. For those who are concerned about their privacy, ECN also offers a layer of security as privacy with regards to one’s trades. Investors who desire anonymity when making large transactions can use ECN.

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Traders use the electronic communication network to trade outside of traditional trading hours. It provides a robust mechanism for those who cannot actively participate during normal market hours. It is also favored by those who prefer flexibility in their trading time range. ECNs also avoid wider spreads that are typically encountered with traditional brokers and have relatively lower fees and commissions. For those concerned about privacy, ECN provides the same level of security as confidentiality when it comes to transactions.

What is an example of an ECN?

Examples of ECNs

Some of the different ECNs include Instinet, SelectNet, and NYSE Arca. Instinet was the first ECN, founded in 1969, and is used by small brokerages and for transactions between institutions. 2 It is widely used by market makers for NASDAQ trades, but individuals and small firms can also use it.

An automated computer system that connects buyers and sellers through their orders for the same securities on a listed market, is known as an xcritical or “electronic communication network”. It is a digital system that takes trading outside of the physical market. Large brokerage firms form partnerships with individual traders so they can trade directly with each other without going through an intermediary. The electronic communication network allows investors to trade from any location, irrespective of the geographies involved. Compare ECN brokers in one place with our guides to ECN commissions, liquidity providers and trading platforms. Since ECN brokers use different liquidity providers, they are able to provide their clients with prices from these providers to compete in the same actions.

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Thanks to BizAway agreements with the airlines and their fixed prices, ECL had huge savings on the overall costs of the event (16% less compared to the market prices for the same services). Choosing an ECN broker instead of a Market Maker comes to mind itself resulting from the fact that, unlike Market Makers, ECN brokers will never trade against their clients. ECN/STP brokers are better because they will have less slippage and a faster execution speed than a pure ECN broker. ECN brokers will never restrict your trading methods or trade size. This means that all automated trading, scalping, hedging and large order sizes will all be allowed. If a broker restricts any of these then it is not an ECN broker.

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The technical name for this role is known as a market maker on public exchanges or over-the-counter trades. Market makers match like traders together to ensure one’s orders are partially or entirely executed. Any and all orders that are placed through an ECN are usually limited. This is partially useful when one wants to safely trade after hours. Since stocks’ prices are so volatile, after hours trading offered by ECN adds a layer of security to one’s positions. A computerized system that automatically connects buyers with sellers through their orders for the same securities on the publicly traded markets is known as ECN or ‘electronic communication network’.

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The other members of the network are liquidity providers like banks, hedge funds and other brokers. Regulators monitor the activities of the broker and the trading desk. Unregulated ECN brokers are dangerous as there is no way of telling if they are ECN brokers without making a deposit and opening a trade.

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Leading ECN brokers will offer traders a free Virtual Private Server service, guaranteeing high-quality execution around the clock. Other trading tools offered by the best ECN brokers include indicator packages to assist with automated trading and in-platform market analysis tools such as Trading Central or Autochartist. To test these brokers, we opened a live trading account and deposited R4000. We verified the absence of dealing desks, that we experienced both positive and negative slippage, and no trading restrictions were imposed. The Market marker sets both bid and ask prices on the system and publishes them on the quote screen.

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Please consider your specific investment requirements before choosing a fund, or designing a portfolio that suits your needs. All efforts have been made to ensure the information provided here is accurate. However, no guarantees are made regarding correctness of data. Please verify with scheme information document before making any investment. No need to issue cheques by investors while subscribing to IPO. Just write the bank account number and sign in the application form to authorise your bank to make payment in case of allotment.

Its essential purpose is to eliminate third parties, such as a broker, which typically acts as an ECN to create orders and connect traders with other traders. The obvious benefit of using an ECN is quicker, more hassle free trading across the globe. Traders also get flexibility in their trades as they can make moves after hours using an ECN. Finally, there is the anonymity afforded to brokers and individuals who use an ECN.


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