Of your 340 (38%) users which claimed to not enter an online dating matchmaking, 187 (20

Thus, considering the undeniable fact that search on cyber relationship abuse is still latest and the lack of degree about any of it, especially in the new Portuguese context, this research will sign up for the increase out of cyber matchmaking punishment studies, also about its relationship with substance explore and you will dating duration. It is also expected the performance commonly contribute to the https://datingmentor.org/nl/perfect-match-overzicht/ development of cures and you can intervention apps which can be a lot more familiar with these issues.

Within this feel, the current research aims to: (i) analyze the latest incidence regarding cyber dating discipline as well as situations; (ii) make certain the current presence of variations in cyber relationship punishment anywhere between sexes; (iii) take a look at the relationship anywhere between cyber relationships abuse and you will substance use and (iv) take a look at whether discover a love anywhere between cyber relationships abuse and dating length, from inside the advanced schooling children, inside the Portugal.

Research framework

This research try characterized as a decimal and you will cross-sectional study while the nature of data is decimal and it actually was compiled in one single moment. On top of that, it’s according to research by the correlational paradigm, as it is meant to see the degree and you will means from relationship within parameters assessed ().


Brand new sample was initially designed because of the 1132 subjects, having been smaller so you’re able to 894 users once leaving out people that had never been when you look at the a matchmaking matchmaking or whoever products just weren’t properly done. Of your own total people, 485 (54.3%) was women and you may 409 (forty five.7%) had been male, aged ranging from 17 and you will 56 many years (Yards = , SD = step three.69). As for the cycle out-of studies, of the respondents, 633 (72.9%) went to the very first period, 227 (26.1%) the second period and you can eight (1%) brand new PhD. Concerning your relationship updates, 554 (62%) users said being in a love and you may, of one’s respondents, 10 said they’d held it’s place in a relationship for less than thirty day period, 81 ranging from you to definitely 6 months, 64 anywhere between eight so you’re able to 11 months, 256 ranging from you to definitely 3 years, 105 ranging from four to seven years, twenty four between 7 to eleven ages and you will nine for more than 11 decades. 9%) stated that they’d been in a dating relationship lower than this past year and you can 153 (17.1%) stated that they had not.


I used an excellent sociodemographic Questionnaire designed to gather facts about the newest participants’ personal information, including concerns regarding its sex, age and you will stage out-of training. Professionals were in addition to asked whenever they was in fact within the a matchmaking relationships at that time, and you can in the its duration. In case they certainly were not working in an online dating relationship, it had been asked once they had been recently in a single, which is, below last year.

To assess cyber dating discipline, i made use of the Portuguese style of Cyber Matchmaking Punishment Questionnaire (CibAN; Caridade & Braga, 2019). It’s a home-report instrument, consisting of forty circumstances, responded to your a good Likert-method of measure, and it also lets so you can estimate the designs regarding victimization and perpetration, covering 2 kinds of punishment: manage (age.g. “My spouse or ex boyfriend-companion has recently verified new occasions of my personal last call on phone programs”) and you may direct violence (age.grams. “My spouse otherwise ex-lover has endangered to divulge treasures or limiting information regarding me personally, having fun with the new tech”). For this reason, there are overall five facts – victimization by head violence, victimization because of the manage, perpetration by head aggression, and you will perpetration of the handle (Borrajo mais aussi al., 2015b).

Of its psychometric services, Caridade and you may Braga (2019) gotten an effective Cronbach’s ? off .86 on victimization because of the head violence factor and you can an effective Cronbach’s ? regarding .91 on victimization by the handle grounds. Also, a Cronbach’s ? away from .89 is gotten about perpetration by head aggression factor, during the perpetration of the manage factor, the new Cronbach’s ? is .84.

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