Ladies come to intimate maturity in the 162 days of decades

Black colored Speckled Australorps is bred to have egg production. Plumage try black colored with short white locations; ear-lobes was yellow; brush try solitary. Down is light in along with; shanks was light, somewhat pigmented and never enough time.

73 as well as cockerels 0.88 kilogram. The latest alive lbs out of 150-day-dated pullets are 1.82 which off mature hens 2.2 kg. Brand new live lbs out of cocks was dos.six kilogram.

The common yearly creation of Black colored Speckled Australorps are 2 hundred eggs consider 55 grams. Eggs shells try lotion-coloured. Virility of eggs are 95%, hatchability 80-85%. Survival speed of your younger to 150 months was 95%; regarding people are ninety%.

The fresh new real time weight regarding 56-day-old pullets is actually 0

The wild birds are very well modified so you can power supply staying either myself or inside the groups. Various other element is actually a premier resistance to pullorum problem. He’s extremely important once the providers of one’s recessive sp gene, which is accountable for the new white colour of the new plumage and you can a far greater appearance of carcasses. Introduction of this gene toward communities getting the dominant E gene do subscribe its wider utilization by poultry world.

RUSSIAN Light (Russkaya belaya)

Which reproduce are put while in the 1929-53 because of the mating White Leghorn boys with lady regarding local populations, with inter se reproduction out of crosses with different grades away from Leghorn inheritance. Brand new crossbreeding with it Leghorns of various source – Danish, English, American – for every using its individual production and you can external has. Options had the function of improving eggs development, viability, rate of growth and you may real time lbs.

Before 1965 Russian Whites was the primary egg-installing chickens from the USSR. The average annual design is 175-190 eggs for each level; egg weight is actually 57-60 grams. In breeding condition facilities this new egg production of Russian Whites was 220-230 per year. However, less than commercial standards Russian Whites could not compete with brought in lines and you may crosses away from Light Leghorns. They decrease behind of the forty-50 egg a year by doing 2.5-step three.0 grams for the egg weight.

For this reason new inventory from Russian Whites, which in 1975 try 29.7 million, got reduced in order to cuatro.cuatro million of the 1980. He is nevertheless utilized in significant number for the Turkmenia, Uzbekistan and you may Azerbaijan.

Today, breeding manage Russian White birds is accomplished in Yasnaya Polyana breeding ranch during the Stavropol area. During the very first phase (1967-69), breeding is based on options and you may mothers was indeed examined by the its daughters’ production. From inside the 1970 the breeding system is actually transformed to creation of inbred lines (letter = 40) and you can a control people. An element of the types of inbreeding try between paternal half-sibs, seldom between complete sibs. This new wild birds hatched when you look at the 1973 got a keen inbreeding coefficient (Wright) out of nearly 37%. An average creation of new half dozen most useful inbred contours when you look at the 475 weeks is actually two hundred-205 egg consider 54-56 g. This new crosses of them outlines got a top manufacturing – ourteennetwork reviews 211-236 eggs a year.

Chickens associated with the inhabitants are light in pounds and create brief eggs. Its plumage was light; facial skin and you may shanks was reddish; they have one brush.

The fresh new live weight of 8-week-old pullets try 0.55 kilogram; compared to cockerels try 0.56 kilogram. Adult hens weigh 1.6 kg, dicks dos.0 kilogram. Fertility from egg is at 93%; hatchability was 82%; emergency speed off younger and you may people is actually 95 and you may ninety five% correspondingly. Egg development towards the initially and you can advanced people while in the 70 days off life is 182 and you may 206 egg out of 55 g.

Of a few attention is the population of Russian White birds from the the fresh new All-Partnership Search Institute from Ranch Animal Breeding and you will Family genes. It absolutely was created by selection for effectiveness subnormal temperatures into the the original times of existence and for higher egg design. Chickens try without leukosis and get a premier resistance to Marek’s situation and you may carcinomas away from organs. Chicks try elevated at heat that are 8-ten lower than regular. Back in 1984 which society designated 500 head.

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