You simply need to read on and level up your resume writing skills through this guide to build the best resume that can help you land suitable AWS certified solutions architect jobs. Cloud Developers create software services and enterprise-level applications in the cloud. To get and keep a Developer job, you should have prior experience working as a software developer and a working knowledge of the most common cloud orchestration tools.

If the certifications are most relevant to your current job role, you can also highlight them in the Experience section. When referring to a specific skill that you applied the most in your previous job role, adding your certifications on resume will make things more relatable. The section work experience is an essential part of your aws cloud engineer resume. It’s the one thing the recruiter really cares about and pays the most attention to. I started wrong also, 1st AWS SAA, AWS Developer, then Azure Fundamentals….. I finished the google IT Support certificate on coursera, that course helped me build skills to use in cloud, Linux is essential, then IaC. Earning an AWS cloud practitioner certification puts a stamp on your ability to design and deploy well-architected solutions on AWS.

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Almost two-thirds of respondents cited containers as an important skill for AWS professionals to master. Expertise and experience with the likes of Docker, Jenkins, and Kubernetes were all ranked highly. Python is great for AWS Lambda environments because of the incredible spin-up times. When it comes to spinning containers, aws certified cloud practitioner it’s significantly quicker than Java or C#. Let AWS-certified full stack developer and serverless advocate Marko talk you through AWS serverless challenges and how to overcome them. This revolutionary model is helping businesses innovate and improve existing products much faster than those using traditional processes.

One good point about this summary is that Aria has included the business niche she’s operating in. Both the objective and the summary aim to impress hiring managers. Use no more than 4-5 sentences and mention your biggest achievements. By contrast, the resume summary is reserved for those with more experience in the AWS field. So, if you’re uncertain about your GitHub or Kaggle projects, go with your LinkedIn. But don’t get discouraged from presenting your portfolio work.

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In this case, that role can be filled by any professional with an understanding of the AWS cloud. The role of an AWS cloud practitioner is to help organizations understand the benefits of the AWS cloud and migrate to, or operate in, the AWS cloud. They have general technical proficiency in the AWS platform and work as part of an organization’s IT team, supporting infrastructure and applications. This section, however, is not just a list of your previous aws cloud engineer responsibilities. The work experience section should be the detailed summary of your latest 3 or 4 positions.

aws certified cloud practitioner resume

Honestly, even if you do have prior experience with AWS, it may still be good to take this as the certification exams cover AWS services that you may have never actually used. AWS Solutions Architects design, build and maintain highly available, cost-effective, and scalable AWS cloud environments. They also make recommendations for AWS toolkits and stay up to date on the latest in cloud computing. Do not communicate directly with DynamoDB from your Javascript code. Instead, you will need to create an API that accepts requests from your web app and communicates with the database.

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